June 8, 2011

Overall Flying Disc Events

Quick Explanations of Each Competitive Event:

ACCURACY– Throw 28 times, 4 each from 7 different stations into the target

MTA (Maximum Time Aloft) –Throw your disc in the air then run catch it yourself.  Your throw is timed.

DISTANCE– Throw it as far as you can. Everyone can do it!

DDC (Double Disc Court) – A court game with two players on each team – and two discs in play

DISC GOLF – One of the fastest growing sports in the world!  Start from the tee, end at the basket.

DISCATHON – Basically a race through an obstacle course!

FREESTYLE – The “show” event. An enormous variety of throws, spinning moves and amazing catches that will make you wonder how they did that!

For a more through description of Overall events with videos, click here or go to the World Flying Disc Federation

Lunchtime demos of:

GUTS – A disc game inspired by dodgeball, involving teams throwing a flying disc (rather than balls) at members of the opposing team.

ULTIMATE – A game played on a rectangular field between two seven-player teams in which a disc is advanced by being thrown from player to player and in which a team scores by catching a throw in the opponent’s end zone.