Climate Advocate Training

WHAT:   Climate Advocate Training from Citizens’ Climate Lobby
WHEN:   Sat, July 22, 2017, 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM
WHERE: Immanuel Lutheran Church, 16515 Luther Way, Eden Prairie, MN 55436
On Saturday July 22, the Citizens’ Climate Lobby chapters in the 3rd Congressional District will hold a Climate Advocate Training session at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Eden Prairie.  The training will begin at 8:30 am, will include a free lunch of pizza and salad (donations appreciated), and will conclude at 1:30 pm.  The training will be provided by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby regional coordinators for the Midwest region. 
This training session will inspire you and help you to be effective an effective advocate for policies that preserve a safe and livable climate.   You’re welcome to attend this session whether you are new to CCL or are a current CCL member. Current CCL chapters in the third Congressional District include Chaska, Bloomington, Eden Prairie, and Edina. 
The training will cover Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s history, mission, and  methods, including values of respect, appreciation, and optimism, and non-partisan work with all members of Congress, and will describe CCL’s Carbon Fee & Dividend policy proposal, which will give all segments of the economy the incentive to make more sustainable choices in their purchases and investments, and will give a regular rebate to American households. 
RSVP to, or for more information call 952-920-1547.