We Can Smell Freedom and Liberation in the Air

What lessons can we all learn from these words from an unidentified man on the streets in Libya when asked why he risked his life to go out into the streets to confront the government troops?

What can one individual do to awaken a slumbering country headed directly into the eye of the hurricane?  Well, this man is going to strap on his classic cross country skis on Saturday morning and do what I’ve done for half my life… ski 54 km and spend 6-7 hours enjoying one of  the world’s most challenging ski trails.  The Birkebeiner trail, aka “The Birke,” is in good shape and the weather is going to be cold… yuck, please let the winds be light, but the race must go on.

I’ve been eating and hydrating like a man possessed thinking that I WILL NOT run out of fuel and pray that my arms and legs to go the distance… after all I’ve completed 30 before and I know the course. I will finish and then…

Back to the man in Libya, it’s time for all of us to stop fighting each other and start working together cause the battle we have coming with adapting to this new climate humans have created will be the true test of this new global democracy that people all over the globe are creating is up to the task of healing our bodies, our lives and our communities.

I’ll blog more from Hayward and after the race so stay tuned, thanks for visiting Cool Planet and please join our efforts in creating… ”Neighborhood FUN and Action for OUR Planet.”

Post by Paul Thompson

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