Community Solar Info Session

MNCS-Logo-Horizontal-PinkGrayBlue-WebJoin us Friday, October 24 6:30 pm for our next information session!

Learn more about Community Solar Gardens and how you can participate. New legislation in Minnesota has created an opportunity that allows individuals and households to “subscribe” to energy from a solar installation located on a large roof in the community. This gives new options for community members to participate without the need to have a solar installation on their home.

A representative from Minnesota Community Solar, will deliver a short presentation and convene a dialogue on the program. Discover how you can partner with Cool Planet to grow this idea!

RSVP 952-920-1547 or

When: Friday, October 24th, 2014
6:30 – 8pm Followed by more community conversation

Where: Davanni’s, 5124 Gus Young Lane, Edina 55436 in the Party Room

Snacks and beverages will be provided. ☺

Full information on the flyer!

Subscribing to electricity from community solar garden is a simple, accessible way to take action to fight climate change. Our friends at Minnesota Community Solar help anyone with an electric bill get access to solar, even if you can’t put solar modules on your own property. As they say, this is solar for everyone.

Now that the rate subscribes are compensated for their electricity from community solar has been settled, there’s no reason to delay going solar today. You can save the planet and save money, all while supporting our local economy.

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) issued their long-awaited decision regarding the rate at which community solar garden subscribers will be compensated for the electricity their subscriptions generate. The PUC decided to use the rate our friends at Minnesota Community Solar have advocated for. The compensation rate, called the Applicable Retail Rate (ARR), is a great deal for solar garden subscribers. It assures subscribers get three main benefits:

Compensation for renewable energy production: The ARR includes the value of the Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) that accrue to the solar energy that is produced by our customers’ subscriptions. The value of RECs varies slightly among different solar gardens, based on the garden’s size. The rate is a premium payment from Xcel to solar garden subscribers for their contribution to Xcel’s ability to meet its renewable energy goals.

Escalation over time: As the rate Xcel charges for electricity increases, the ARR goes up along with it.

Sustained value over the life of the subscription: The ARR is designed to make sure that the kilowatt hours subscriptions produce will always be more valuable than the kilowatt hours you consume at home.