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SPEAK UP!! trainers and participants at Macalester College, November 2011

SPEAK UP!!- Meet Up– for grads of SPEAK UP!! 101 and invited guests.

Sunday July 15th 2-5 pm
Spring House Ministry Center – South Sanctuary
610 W.28th St, Minneapolis
just East of Lyndale and 28th St.

Dr. Christie Manning from Macalester will tell us about recent research on how people with different worldviews and cultural values respond to information about climate change. Several recent studies show that those Americans who are most scientifically literate and well-informed tend to also be the most polarized in their response to climate science (either very alarmed or avidly denying). However, other studies continue to find that the large majority of Americans are simply disinterested in climate change – they don’t think or worry about it much at all. What is behind these trends, and what do they mean for those of us who want to see progress? Who should we be talking to, and what should we be saying?  How do we more effectively integrate climate conversations and climate solutions in the public dialogue as we enter the election season?

Come prepared to share the successes and obstacles you’ve had in speaking with others in your communities about climate change. You will leave the session having practiced 2 laser talks on climate conversations; have clear personal goals for 2012 -2013; and an opportunity to select a partner to support you in reaching your goals.


SPEAK UP!! 101 – for all

Sunday Aug 5th 2-5 pm
Holy Trinity Church– Fellowship Room on the lower level
2730 East 31st Street, Minneapolis

This is where you invite your friends and family members to come and find out why you are so involved in this ‘great turning’ that we are all engaged in.

Learn about the science of climate change from Dr. John Abraham from the University of St. Thomas.  Understand the psychology and challenges of communicating difficult information like this from Dr. Christie Manning (The Psychology of Sustainable Behavior).  Then using the Art of Convening (by Heartland Inc.’s Craig and Patricia Neal), learn to create authentic engagement in meetings, gatherings and conversations about climate change.

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