Help Edina High School Students win a solar video contest

UPDATE Nov 7: Congratulations to Project Earth for winning this video contest!  Thanks to all who voted to support their efforts!

The Edina High School Project Earth environmental club created the video The Generation for Solar to enter the CERTs / MnSEIA video contest with the opportunity to win $1000 to use toward club projects.  This year the club is starting with a focus on improving composting and recycling in the cafeteria and looking for opportunities for solar power in the school district.  Also check out this article on the Edina Public Schools website.

The winner in the contest will be determined by who gets the most votes, so please go to the video website, click on the red button to create a userid with your email so you can vote.

Cool Planet works with Project Earth as advisors and was a sponsor of last year’s Edina Youth Climate Summit.  Watch for the second summit later this school year.